Saturday, January 28, 2012

What’s New

Soon introducing E -LIBRARY
Students will be able to view and listen to multimedia materials using this revolutionary learning system. The library will have a large pool of Literature in Science, General Knowledge, fiction, novels, encyclopedia in addition to periodicals, journals and references and CDs to keep the students updated. This portable, personal library will give immediate access to up-to-date knowledge, research and information anytime and anywhere, allowing students to set their own pace of learning


Educomp online for Students and Parents
Through Educomp Online, students can share notes with the teachers, download assignments, homework and study notes and parents can access to all the content their child use to study in class: videos, tests, study notes, tutorials, etc. along with the view of their test scores and progress report. It’s a real time, 24/7 access to child’s grade, class assignments, homework and progress reports.

Contact Educomp Coordinator at school for your login Id and Password.